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Lee & Connie - "Thanks for all you do for local sports - been a pleasure coaching at PVHS and enjoyed seeing the photos of the kids." - Coach Jamie Russell


"Thank you for the great pics! its hard as a parent to watch the game and take photos at the same your camera is so much better than mine! lol...keep up the good work, love the basketball pics!" - Diane Hartford, Lincoln, ME, vis Facebook

CLICK HERE for Heal point standings.

Lady Lynx prevail against PVHS

December 8 - The Mattanawcook Academy Lady Lynx took on the Penobscot Valley High School Lady Howlers at PVHS tonight in front of a packed house. These two teams are playing each other in regular season games for the first time in a long while. The Howlers led early in the game, 13-8 at the end of the first quarter and 23-20 at the half, but MA got the win, 53-42. The short distance between the two schools enabled plenty of MA fans to make their way to PVHS for the game, so there wasn't an empty seat anywhere in the gym! For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

MA boys open season with win over PVHS

December 8 - The high school basketball season is officially underway! Mattanawcook Academy and Penobscot Valley High School are playing each other this season for the first time in many years. In the season opener at PVHS, the Lynx prevailed 56-34. The MA boys led throught the game, finishing the first quarter ahead 24-8. At the half, the Lynx led 36-11, and after three they outpaced the Howlers 43-20.

The gym was packed, with cheerleaders and fans rocking the gym as they cheered for their teams. For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

MA basketball teams easily defeat Searsport

November 25 - The MA Lynx and Lady Lynx basketball teams had no trouble staying ahead of the Searsport Vikings this morning at the Turkey Shootout held at Penobscot Valley High School gym in Howland. The MA girls won 41-11, and the MA boys won 48-27. For a photo slideshows, CLICK HERE for the girls' game, and CLICK HERE for the boys' game. We look forward to covering the MA boys' and girls' home games throughout the season. See you there!

Sports Scoreboard



12/8 MA Girls' Basketball PVHS 53-42
12/8 LA Girls' Basketball Stearns 14-73
Watch this scoreboard for all the local high school sports scores!


Team Overall Team Overall Team Overall
Girls' Basketball 1-0 Girls' Basketball 0-1 Girls' Basketball 0-1
Boys' Basketball 1-0 Boys' Basketball 0-1 Boys' Basketball  

CLICK HERE for Heal point standings.

MA golfer brings home his 4th state championship

MA senior Logan Thompson shot 6 under 66 at the Maine individual States today and won his 4th State Individual Championship in Maine Class C Golf!!

Sports history in the making at MA?

Mattanawcook Academy senior Logan Thompson will be trying to make Maine high school sports history this season! Logan is the three-time Maine state high school golf champion, and is hoping to win the championship for a record four times. He also qualified for the Junior PGA championships this year, where he finished in the Top 100 junior golfers in America. He is the son of Cory and Peggy Thompson.

The M.A. golf team is the two-time Class C high school champs, and they will be competing for their third straight Class C title this fall. 

Esmae Stockley wins state championship in 100-meter dash

August 12 - At the Maine Youth Track & Field Championship today in Waterboro, 12-year-old Esmae Stockley, daughter of Alan and Bernice Stockley of Chester, outran all other girls in her age group in the 100-meter dash. Her time was 14.13! Congratulations, Esmae. We wish you continued success on the track.


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