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Town of Lincoln election results

November 8 - Unofficial election results from yesterday's voting in Lincoln:

RSU 67- 3 year seats:
Mary Plourde 568*
William Davis 548*
Sheila Keith 512
Write In 19
RSU 67 - 1 year seat:
Michael McLaughlin 653*
Ernest Gerrish 546*
Gilberte Mayo 459
Write In 10
RSU 67 - 2 year seat:
Linda Brown 555*
Heather Spearin 320
Write In 3
Lincoln Town Council:
Jeff Gifford 593*
Stephen Clay 453*
Joshua Gray 393
Gilberte Mayo 305
Yes 519*
No 203
State Referendums:
Question 1: NO
Question 2: NO
Question 3: YES
Question 4: NO
*= Winner

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