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Writing and Photography by Lee and Connie Rand

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PVH student art contest

November 24 - Winners of a student art exhibit held at Penobscot Valley Hospital were announced tonight in the hospital cafeteria by PVH Marketing Director Kristie Libby. Elementary winner was Julianah, for her picture of a fox on a farm at sunrise, with 19 votes. Middle school winner was Kenneth Brock Ireland, with 33 votes for his picture of a big truck, "Roalin Cool". High school winner was Brookelyn Theriault, with 33 votes for her picture of Harry Potter. Brookelyn also received 30 votes for Best Overall. Second place for high school students went to Makala Jipson (pictured above) with her picture of a warrior princess. Makala also earned second place for Best Overall, with 12 votes.

The students' artwork brightened the hallways at the hospital for patients, visitors and staff. Another art contest is planned in the future. For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.


"Support Your Local Police" meeting held in Lincoln

November 20 - About a dozen area citizens gathered at the Masonic Hall in Lincoln tonight to hear a presentation entitled "Support Your Local Police" with speaker Harold Shurtleff of the John Birch Society. Mr. Shurtleff spoke on the importance of keeping police independent and accountable to local communities.

Coffee With a Cop at Tim Hortons

November 18 - Tyler and Angela Belk, owners of Tim Hortons of Lincoln, welcomed area law enforcement to their restaurant this morning for "Coffee With a Cop"  to help form good relationships between law enforcement and the community. Representatives of the Maine Warden Service, Maine State Police, Lincoln Police Department and Penobscot County Sheriff's Department were there to talk with people who came to Tim Hortons for breakfast. Too often, people only meet law enforcement officers in stressful situations. Coffee With a Cop allows citizens to ask questions and get to know those whose job it is to protect them.

Coffee With a Cop began in Hawthorne, California in 2011, and since then has spread to 48 states and four countries. The mission stated on its website is "to break down the barriers between police officers and the citizens they serve". Meeting at neutral locations to talk about issues that matter, in a casual atmosphere, helps build trust and discover mutal goals. The opportunity to relax and chat together outside of a crisis situation is important. 

Lincoln Public Safety Director Dan Summers told us that other such events will be held around the Lincoln area. We'll keep you updated in case you missed this morning's event.

Angela Belk said, "We're happy to be a part of this program to bring local law enforcement and the community together for some meaningful conversation. We hope this event will foster trust and be a catalyst for more open communication between townspeople and those sworn to protect them."

For a photo slideshow, CLICK HERE.

- Connie Rand

PVH One of First Hospitals in Maine to Offer Digital Imaging

November 16PVH Imaging Director Heather Hines uses the new digital radiography equipment to take an X-ray, viewing the images right from the patient’s bedside. - You can likely remember X-ray films of years past, which would take time to develop in chemical tanks, review and mail to physicians’ practices. These films were large, bulky, and sometimes required repeat procedures for further analysis. Technology has come a long way and the imaging department at PVH is benefiting. Penobscot Valley Hospital is one of the first critical access hospitals in Maine to now house wireless digital radiography (DR) equipment.

The new DR equipment is essentially a mobile tablet with capabilities to immediately view images taken by X-ray. Within seconds, images can be securely transmitted to the radiologist for reading and interpretation.

“Past computed radiography systems required staff to manually pull the cassette, bring it back to the imaging department for processing and review. With the new DR equipment, we can immediately view the images on the tablet right at the patient’s bedside, checking the scans for accuracy and completeness,” states Heather D. Hines, R.T.(R)(M)(CT)(BD), Imaging Services Director at PVH.

The new DR equipment allows for a patient-focused care environment with
faster exams,
improved image quality and
less radiation.
On average, DR imaging typically uses 30-60% less radiation to obtain an image than past processes. Also, the DR panel can store up to 70 images at a time, so there is no need to reposition the patient to change cassettes between images.

“Today we used the DR system on a patient that needed lift assistance using our Hoyer lift. We set the DR panel on the table, lifted her onto the panel, and took the image. From the tablet, we saw the image of the bladder was cut off. We were then able to just slide her up on the Hoyer lift, taking another image within seconds,” adds Hines.

Staff in the PVH Imaging Department began using the new digital radiography equipment last week and look forward to serving the needs of our patients with the latest technology.  

PVH Imaging Director Heather Hines uses the new digital radiography equipment to take an X-ray, viewing the images right from the patient’s bedside.


Lincoln celebrates Veterans Day

Ruth Littlefield sings the National Anthem at today's ceremony

November 11 - Today Veterans Day was celebrated in Lincoln at the Veterans Memorial on Goding Avenue. It was a blustery morning, with a strong breeze fluttering the flags. A small crowd gathered to hear speeches and join in prayers. Veterans, active-duty military and their families were honored on this day set aside since the close of World War I. 

If you know a veteran, pause for a moment to say thanks for their service. If you know someone who is currently serving, don't forget to thank them as well. Without them, the United States of America wouldn't exist. Never take their service for granted!

To all of our site visitors who have served in the military or are currently serving, a big THANK YOU from us here a


New town councilors sworn in

November 9 - Lincoln's two newly-elected town councilors, Sheldon Hanington (left) and George Edwards, were sworn in tonight before the council meeting. 


Election Results

LINCOLN VOTERS turned down Referendum Question #1 431-249. It passed Statewide with 55% of the vote. RSU #67 SCHOOL BOARD: Katie Clay (520) waste-elected. Also elected was Paul Nantkes (476) and Write-In candidate Sheri Clark with 19 votes.  LINCOLN TOWN COUNCIL: Incumbents Sam Clay (265) & David Whalen (252) defeated. Sheldon Hanington (404) and George Edwards (305) were elected.