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Lincoln House

The Lincoln House Hotel watched many years of history happen from its place on Main Street. Tom Burr sent us these pictures of the old Lincoln House Hotel being torn down. Tom writes, "These photos were taken in I believe 1958 or 59 when the hotel was torn down to the first floor to what became the Lincoln House Restaurant and Tastee Freeze. It was also the office for the motel until later years. The lower right photo is what used to be the cocktail lounge. Lower left is the newer motel unit being built with Congo church in the background. The man in the photo is my dad, Robert J. Burr who owned the hotel/motel from shortly after WWII until 1963."


"The early photo of the cocktail lounge above was taken by Dalton Brown. He and his wife were close friends of my parents, and his son Gifford was a friend of mine. He did press photography also. Unfortunately he has been deceased for a long time, but apparently his photo work was well known in the area." 

"Another picture taken during the process of tearing down the hotel. The man on the bulldozer is Henry Johnston of Johnston Dandy Roll. He and my dad were close friends."
Robert J. Burr, shown here in a WW II photograph, owned the Lincoln House from just after the war until 1963. (Photo courtesy of Tom Burr).

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