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Funny Fotos


  • Bambi.jpg
  • bella.jpg
  • daddy.jpg
  • EbbyChristmas.jpg
  • endisnear.jpg
  • ipod.jpg
  • KissMe.jpg
  • nicenightforawalk.jpg
  • Page_1_6.jpg
  • peoplearestrange.jpg
  • PizzaOrder.jpg
  • playball.jpg
  • PlymouthRock.jpg
  • Rockshow.jpg
  • TalkToTheHand.jpg
  • taller.jpg
  • tblood.jpg
  • turkeysfunny.jpg
  • turkeytrot.jpg
  • wellwell.jpg
  • whatbottle.jpg


Well, everyone needs a good chuckle now and then, so I'll have a new "Funny Foto", taken from my extensive photo library, here for you every week or so. One of our many Facebook fans said recently that "We all need to laugh more!" I agree with that idea, and you can drop by here for a laugh whenever life gets too serious for you. I hope I can brighten your day - just a little!  -  Lee Rand



All photos c 1999-2013 - Lee Rand  All Rights Reserved.

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